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  1. Moments Matter | Favorite Wedding Image

    We have so many favorite images from our wedding day it was hard to just choose one – so we are choosing two! 🙂 

    We love this first image because all the groomsmen look so happy and excited for the groom. It just shows how much fun we had that day. 

    We love this second image because it’s just simply adorable. We will always cherish our little family enjoying this sweet moment together.

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  2. Moments Matter | Favorite Wedding Image

    This has to be our favorite image. To us it’s a reflection of how we felt on the big day, completely surrounded by love, joy and laughter. It’s as if Doug captured the essence of the day in one photo and now when we look back on our wedding day we’ll be instantly transported back to those feelings again! 
    We cannot thank you enough!

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