CONSISTENT TRUST: A Wedding Photography Workshop


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The question we are asked the most is, “how do you create a unique experience for every wedding couple?” There is simply no way to answer that in a few sentences or a five-minute conversation because there is SO MUCH that goes into it. These clients will be with you long before their wedding, and hopefully long after. That creates many opportunities to impress … or fail.

In this workshop, every detail is covered on how to create an amazing experience for your wedding clients before, during, and after their wedding day. We focus on the three pillars of any successful company: sound business practices, created product, and the client experience.

Topics will include how to create a successful brand, guiding a client from inquiry to the album, gear considerations, editing and editing workflow, and best business practices. We’ll also setup a beautiful stylized shoot, complete with gorgeous setups and spectacular models to work with directly! We will be demonstrating various poses, compositions, and frames to push your creativity to new heights and help your build your portfolio.

We’re an open book during our time together, and we’ll share our own successes and failures as we continue to become better photographers every day. If you’ve been shooting weddings for years or are looking to add them for your clients, attendees can expect to come away with heads full of ideas and efficiencies to improve their success in the demanding wedding industry.

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April 10, 2020 San Francisco, California, November 12, 2020 Orlando, Florida