LIFE’S ADVENTURE: A Family Photography Workshop


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Let us be 100% honest with you. When we started photographing families years ago, we dreaded it. We were uninspired with each session trying to “pose” families, and either it was completely unoriginal or our plan just didn’t work out. We knew we had to reinvent ourselves if we were going to continue down this path.

So, we did.

We mastered the art of unposing, which is a way to create natural expressions in very photographable scenarios. Kids leave sessions with smiles and hugs, and parents are relaxed after spending quality time with their families. It’s such a different way to create authentic portraits of very real people. In our time together, we’re going to teach you exactly how to achieve this.

We’ll start our workshop learning about how you can be successful in your children and family photography business. Much will be shared in ways to help your target client find you, including leveraging social media platforms, styling for your brand, and using software effectively to track and book clients. We also discuss ways to simplify your gear decisions and how different settings and lenses affect the image you produce.

Next, we’ll meet our model families on location and begin by showing how we can create a calm environment for parents and one where kids feel safe to be themselves. We will be working through various authentic poses, interactive compositions, and intelligent frames that you can fold into your existing brand. You’ll see how we create layered setups with props and are able to shoot variety from a single unpose. Every participant will have a chance to work with our families directly, though we’ll do so in a way that our younger models feel safe.

When we’re done with shooting, we’ll share everything we’ve learned on our ingesting, culling, and editing workflows to produce consistent and beautiful images. We’ll open to any questions throughout the workshop and leave nothing out because we truly want everyone at the workshop to succeed.

Migrating from traditional, posed photography to spontaneous, unposed photography isn’t easy, but every photographer can find success with it. There are old habits to let go, and demanding understandings of subject and gear to learn. We love it, and it bring us happiness and satisfaction with every session we produce. Join us and let us share that with you.

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March 24, 2020 Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 26, 2020 Cedar Falls, Iowa, July 3, 2020 Stavanger, Norway, July 10, 2020 Prague, Czech Republic, August 10, 2020 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, January 12, 2021 Perth, Australia