PEW PEW PEW: A Wedding Shootout



    We love weddings. The stories, the families, the emotion, and the pure joy held by our dearly beloved couples. The narrative we tell is one that has a beginning, middle, and end. Come and join us for this shootout to observe and shoot with us for an elaborately and beautifully designed wedding scape. 

    Our wedding focus is on natural compositions as well as the couple’s details, so we’ll create breakout groups giving you an opportunity to practice and build portfolio work of couples, flowers, pastries, stationary, jewelry, and much more. These are very coordinated, so you can explore your compositions in a pressure-free environment.

    While we will go over some shooting techniques, this is largely an opportunity for participants to shoot portfolio material and work with a gorgeous full wedding day setup.

    A shootout differs from a full workshop in that rather than explicitly teaching about the total process (product, experience, and business), we focus on the product production portion with a beautifully styled full wedding shoot. Once we gather, photography begins almost right away.

    If you’re a beginning looking to start photographing weddings or an experience professional seeking gorgeous portfolio imagery, sign up now to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Please contact us with any questions ahead of time. We’d love to have you shoot with us!

    Cambridge, England

    Join us on June 19, 2019 in Cambridge, England for a Wedding Shootout Event!

    Want to take your creativity to new heights? Our shootouts will give you an opportunity to photograph a beautiful set-up. This is a fully stylized Shootout, meaning that we’ve gone to great lengths to create a spectacular scene with which to work in. We have lined up fabulous models for you to work with directly. And perhaps best of all, we’ll be demonstrating various poses, compositions, and frames to push your creativity to new heights.

    Details galore will round out this gorgeous scene that we will shoot until dusk!

    Additional Information

    1. Travel logistics and specific location within the workshop city will be set Six (6) Months prior to the workshop and mailed to participants with a signed contract and paid in full.
    2. Workshop itinerary and day-of logistics will be emailed Three (3) Months prior to the workshop.
    3. Photographs taken during the workshop may be used for portfolio work so long as the tagline “As Taken at the Twig & Olive Photography Workshop” is included with the image.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. By purchasing this workshop seat, the Purchaser, as identified on the Bill of Sale, hereby agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. Provisions specific to the event are addressed in a contract signed by the Purchaser and Twig & Olive Photography LLC and the Purchaser is not registered for the workshop until the contract is signed by both parties.
    2. The Purchaser hereby understands and agrees that instruction is on a per-person basis and that each participant, regardless of studio, relation, or affiliation, is required to complete his or her own separate contract and pay his or her own separate fees.
    3. For a period of One (1) Year after the workshop, the Purchaser shall not directly host their own workshops, design shootouts, and/or mentor other photographers or persons interested in photography for the purposes of financial gain.

    Refund Policy

    This workshop seat is nonrefundable and nontransferable to another date or event. The Purchaser may transfer their seat to another person. That person is required to sign a new contract.

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