Photoshop Workflow Actions | Skin and Tone


Back by popular demand is a multi-layered action set for all versions of Adobe Photoshop! These rockstar actions have been specifically designed to allow you maximum control over the finished image. Each layer controls a single effect that, when combined, give you a polished end result for your image. Each of these layers can have their opacities adjusted, and you can turn individuals layers off as you like!

This set includes:

  • (3) Color Enhancement Actions
  • (2) B+W Actions
  • (39) Color Actions
  • (1) Color Mixer Action
  • (2) Finishing Actions


Welcome to our Workflow editing series! These mission critical multi-layered Adobe Photoshop actions are used *every day* on our images to hone and prime client work to perfection. Now, we’re sharing them with you!

The Skin & Tone Workflow Action Set has been designed to create amazing images with ease. Ruddy red newborn skin, dark eye shadows, and uneven backgrounds are a thing of the past with our easy to use setup. Simply play the action on your image, brush on an area of effect with a low opacity brush, and flatten your image. Also included are tonal enhancements and a complete set of wonderful finishing actions. You can use this set on its own or easily have it work along side our many Photoshop and Photoshop CC actions, as well as with our Lightroom Presets.

This set includes:

  • (5) Skin Repair and Enhancement Actions
  • (3) Background Altering Actions
  • (2) Tonal Actions
  • (5) Finishing Actions