PUREST LOVE: A Newborn Photography Workshop


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Newborns are just the most wonderful subjects to photograph – and perhaps the most challenging! It’s physically demanding work that requires attention to detail with a keen eye towards composition and, of course, safety.

Join us as we share everything on how to create a successful baby-led newborn session for both child and parents alike. We place a special emphasis on the product, covering every nuance and trick we’ve mastered and offer that to our attendees.

We’ll go into depth on topics involving baby’s safety, layering sets and how to build them, best soothing techniques, framing and composition for flattering angles, and how gear choices affect the final results. Every person at the workshop will have an opportunity to photograph baby models that we pose and gain immediate feedback for each frame. Posing will happen in the studio and, weather permitting, we’ll head outdoors for some beautiful textures to use as well. Our day will wrap up with us sharing how we cull, edit, and create a beautiful portraits and products for our clients.

Newborn photography is demanding and truly rewarding. We don’t hold anything back because we want you to be completely prepared to create something truly wonderful for your clients. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to improve your existing product, join us at this fantastic learning opportunity.
Why can’t your clients have the best products and the very best experiences while you have things run efficiently and seamlessly? It’s the Holy Grail for any business. Taking this workshop have us help you get you there.

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August 4, 2020 Madison, Wisconsin