Wedding Email Templates



To book your target wedding clients, you need to have exceptional communication from start to finish. Email is still the preferred medium to share the oodles of information you have with perspective brides and grooms, and using our robust email templates will bring your messaging full circle.

We developed these templates for you to be drop-in ready for your business, but certainly you can (and should) customize them to your needs. They can be used by themselves, in an email template program such as Gmail, or in your studio management software (like ShootQ). The intent is not to cover every nuance related to the photographic process, but rather to lay out clear expectations your client can have of you, the photographer, as well as expectations you should have of the client.

Great communication is fundamental to a strong business, so strengthen what you’re already using, implement what you don’t have, and engage your clients like never before.

Included Emails:
New Inquiry (set date) | New Inquiry (date not available) | Follow up | Consult Follow up | Booking | Session Prep (engagement session) | Engagement Session Follow up | Six Month Check-in (timeline) | Four Week Check-in (questionnaire) | Post Wedding | Gallery Login and Product Redemption | Sticky Album | Blog Post Published | Publication Questionnaire | Publication Notification | Sharing Images with Vendors

In this download, there are sixteen wedding email templates you can use in your business. They are in one PDF file, and any PDF reader program should allow you to copy and paste the text into your program of choice.

These are *not* Photoshop templates or guide templates. You are purchasing a PDF document (wording) that you can copy and use in however medium that you wish.