Wedding Photography Contract Template



Photographing a client’s wedding is an enormous commitment, and making sure terms of service are properly explained between parties is crucial to creating a successful product. Most service industry issues stem from a failure to clearly explain the expectations the photographer has of the client and the services the client should reasonably expect.

We developed this Wedding Photography Contract Template over the course of a year to address the most important aspects of photographing a client’s wedding. It was reviewed several times with the advice of lawyers, clients, and from our own experiences in photographing thousands of client weddings. The intent is not to cover every nuance related to the photographic process, and no contract can address every scenario. We do our best here to discuss likely issues that need to be covered and provide a mechanism for resolving those issues.

The template is ready-to-use as is, but we recommend tailoring it to your business. It can be used as a paper document or installed into your studio management software (such as ShootQ.) Every provision has an explanation written with it and resources necessary for you to adjust it for your business’s state and country.