LUX Film Lightroom Presets and ACR Settings

Bring on the dark and moody!  This is our second set of presets designed with different kinds of lighting in mind, specifically sunset, post sunset and cloudy, rainy days. These will work their best on golden hour and blue hour images as well as cloudy moody photos. These are NOT meant to work on midday or harsh lighting conditions or in studio or with studio lighting.

LUX Film Settings For ACR

LUX Film Presets for Lightroom


For Photographers

Warm Film Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets and ACR Settings

They are here!  The Warm Film set includes 29 individual presets/settings/actions, giving your images a film look with a touch of matte.

Available for purchase are:
Lightroom Presets
Photoshop Actions (ONLY compatible with Creative Cloud)
ACR Settings

Click HERE to purchase or on the Store tab above 🙂

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Warm Film Photoshop Actions and Lightroom PresetsWarm Film Photoshop Actions and Lightroom PresetsWarm Film Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets


SWEET Light {Warm Matte Lightroom/ACR Presets)

They have arrived!  The new lightroom/ACR preset collection is here!

Sweet Light is a collection of 20+ color and b+w Lightroom/ACR Presets.  Inspired by organic fruits in nature, this set is sure give your images that soft matte feel that you crave.  This set is based on our own editing style with rich blacks, warm tones and lots of matte!

Check out the gallery below for a handful of examples.  These were changed with one click but can be adjusted for personal taste.

This product is for Adobe Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw and is NOT intended for use with Adobe Photoshop or PS ELEMENTS.

This is a digital product and as such there are no refunds. Please make certain that you are purchasing the correct product. Feel free to contact us (prior to purchase) should you have any questions.

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